Digital Summer Schools program will train 100,000 youth in Myanmar annually

Telenor concluded its Digital Summer Schools pilot program training 25,000 middle and high school students in Myanmar between March and May 2018. The plan for the initiative is to train 100,000 youth annually in the following year.

The summer digital literacy program was launched in partnership with KMD under the approval of the Ministry of Education and received additional support from Ericsson, Irrawaddy Green Towers, and Myanmar ICT for Development Organization (MIDO). It is intended to increase digital literacy in the country to improve opportunities of rural youth.

According to Min Thu, Head of Business Sustainability at Telenor, Myanmar, “Every youth in Myanmar deserves equally to get the opportunity to build the digital foundation of their lives in preparation to their critical roles in the future socio-economic development of the country.” While multiple plans have been implemented to boost access to connectivity and digital infrastructure in Myanmar, the program addresses the lack of investment for training people to use these services.

Telenor’s program is supported by 60 Lighthouse digital literacy centers that the organization has also established in Myanmar over the past few years.

Sources: Myanmar Business Today and Telenor