Australia calls for Industry-School Partnerships to boost digital skills that meet industry needs

Snapshot Australian Education Council Report Cover

Snapshot Australian Education Council Report Cover

The Australian Education Council released a report from the STEM Partnerships Forum providing a set of recommendations for the government to design and implement digital literacy educational programs that respond to the demand of the industry. The report, titled “Optimising STEM Industry-School Partnerships: Inspiring Australia’s Next Generation” suggests that the industry should work with governments to support better understanding of digital skills needs in the workforce. It indicates, for example, that one of the main barriers for leveraging technology for economic development is the lack of clear definitions of concepts such as STEM skills against Enterprise skills.

The main recommendations listed by the report are the following:

  1. Leveraging data and research to understand the workforce needs.
  2. Raising awareness about the importance of studying how to incentivize secondary students to pursue careers in STEM fields.
  3. Increase the technology capabilities of teachers in order to meet the qualifications to prepare students for meeting industry demand.
  4. Offering vocational education and training to spread STEM skills among students.
  5. Engaging students in the solution of real world problems leveraging STEM skills.
  6. Learning from best practice approaches documented by multiple industry and government organizations.
  7. Publishing a national STEM toolkit to guide organizations on how to better boost digital skills.
  8. Allocating a unique student identifier to track the development of children and create metrics for evaluating public policies.
  9. Improve collaborative efforts to build national reports to chart improvements in a range of STEM data indicators.
Snapshot For Recommendations from Australian Education Council

Snapshot For Recommendations from Australian Education Council

More information about this document is available through a podcast released by interviewing Dr. Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist.

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