Six new Vive Digital Kiosks will enable indigenous peoples from Colombia to learn digital skills

Vive Digital Kiosks. Picture by Cronica del Quindio

Vive Digital Kiosks. Picture by Cronica del Quindio

Six new Vive Digital Kiosks were launched in El Caimo community of Armenia, Colombia. These digital skills hubs are intended to provide indigenous peoples with access to the benefits of information and communication technologies. Currently, around 600 people have access to the new kiosks to learn different types of valuable technology skills.

While the kiosks provide the population with computing infrastructure and broadband connectivity, the local government is also providing workshops that currently benefit around 200 children. The workshops are embedded in two programs called AfroTic and IndiTic, both of which are focused on teaching children how to become programmers from an early age.

Funding for the project was obtained with support of the Colombian national government, leveraging resources from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies.

Source: Cronica del Quindio