Web & App Accessibility eBook released to guide organizational strategy to develop products that address the needs of persons with disabilities

Web and App Accessibility Cover

Web and App Accessibility Cover

UsableNet released a free web and app accessibility eBook explaining the steps to develop accessible products throughout four steps: plan and communicate, test and audit, fix and verify, maintain, train and document. Each of the chapters contains key considerations and resources involved, guides for incorporating disability communities, real-world examples, best practices and overall guidance for organizations to develop strategies to make their products more accessible.

The book is intended to support organizations that are interested in ensuring the accessibility of their digital channels including websites, mobile applications, and internal applications. It equally targets organizations of different sizes. While documentation has commonly been created to guide technical implementation of accessibility, this resource provides organizational guidelines to develop action strategies and provides a list of checklists to match against policy requirements or throughout the software development life cycle.

Download Web & App Accessibility: Your Roadmap to Digital Inclusion eBook.

Source: Digital Journal and UsableNet Blog