European organizations visit UK’s Lincolnshire Technology Hubs to share experiences about strategies to improve digital literacy in rural and remote regions

Lincolnshire Tech Hubs Picture from East Midlands Business

Lincolnshire Tech Hubs Picture from East Midlands Business

The Lincolnshire Technology Hubs (part of the Lincolnshire Growth Hub in UK) welcomed a group of partners from European organizations to learn about the plans of the CORA (Connecting Remote Areas) project between 2018 and 2020. This initiative provides local small and medium businesses from rural areas with access to digital skills training and technology hubs where they can learn how to leverage technology for scaling their projects.

The CORA project mainly intends to equip participants with digital infrastructure and a range of digital skills that they can use to connect rural and remote areas across the country. Results from the different strategies used by the CORA project are gathered and shared with policy makers from the region to promote the elaboration of further digital skills projects.

At the event held in July 2018, thirty-five delegates from Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway visited the different Tech hubs established in different UK regions. Visitors gained knowledge on their achievements, challenges and future opportunities for collaboration.

According to Fiona Ashmore, lead partner for the project: “Showing our European partners the Horncastle Technology Hub at Morton’s was a great experience: not only did they see what a hub in action looks like, they took away some valuable advice on what works, what doesn’t, and how the hub is supported within an existing business. The whole event left our partners feeling inspired and positive about tech hubs as a potential future addition to their rural areas.”

Source: East Midlands Business Link