The Digital Literacy Library launched by Facebook will prepare youth to think critically and be safer online

Facebook released an online Digital Literacy Library containing educational resources to promote critical thinking and responsible online behaviors among children aged 11 to 18. This initiative is intended to support educators to address topics related to technology such as privacy, reputation, identity, security, safety and well-being.

The digital literacy repository was elaborated leveraging contents created by the Youth and Media team at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University. To begin, 18 lessons will be available in English, however the company expects to release 45 additional languages in the near future.

The lessons are not available only for educators, parents can also use them at home to teach their children. Currently it is possible to find the courses at Facebook’s Safety Center and Berkman Klein’s Digital Literacy Resource Platform. This is the third program released by the organization to promote digital literacy and safe use of technology for children and adolescents.

Source: Tech Crunch