OYESTECH II programme to empower youth through ICT skills in Osuna, Nigeria

Screenshot from rlgadulawo.com.ng

Screenshot from rlgadulawo.com.ng

The government of Osun, Nigeria has collaborated since 2012 with RLG Adaulawo Technology City, Ilesa and Omoluabi Holdings to train more than 10,000 youths in ICT skills. In September 2018, the group announced that 5,000 additional youths graduated from the second phase of the state’s Youth Empowerment Scheme Technology (OYESTECH II) programme. This initiative is intended to address youth unemployment in Osun state.

Graduates from this programme received a certificate to prove the skills they earned for assemblage or repairs of hardware for digital televisions, mobile phones and computers. They also learned other digital skills that they could use to become entrepreneurs. According to Remi Omowaiye, Commissioner for Innovation, Science and Technology, “I am happy that we have continued to positively create ways for the emancipation of youths. We have also, within seven years, created veritable platforms for them to create wealth through ICT as they are now able to take responsibilities in their immediate and external societies.”

During the closing speech, he also appealed to the graduates to use the skills they garnered for self-development and to create more jobs in the industry.

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