#SheMeansBusiness program to empower 20,000 women entrepreneurs in Pakistan

Image from DailyPakistan.pk

Image from DailyPakistan.pk

Pakistan’s Universal Service Fund (USF) and the Punjab IT Board (PITB) allied with Facebook to expand the #SheMeansBusiness program, which seeks to empower women entrepreneurs with digital skills and knowledge to build and grow their online businesses. This initiative is intended to reach 20,000 women across Pakistan over the next three years, focusing on digital safety and digital entrepreneurism.

In order to reach its goal, the USF partnership will be in charge of reaching out to more than 8,000 women across 80 cities. According to Haaris M. Chaudhary, CFO at USF, “#SheMeansBusiness is a great initiative and an excellent opportunity for the USF ICT for Girls Program, and using a ‘train the trainer’ approach enables the female student beneficiaries to learn the tools and techniques for running their own businesses.” PITB will reach 150 trainers and 12,000 additional women trainees across Punjab.

According to Clair Deevy, Director of Community Affairs for Asia-Pacific Region in Facebook, “When women do better, we all benefit. More women are employed, more role models are created, and there is stronger diversity.”

Source: Phone World and Daily Pakistan