Web Rangers program promotes digital literacy and safe online behaviors in South Africa and Kenya

Picture from Facebook Web Rangers SA

Picture from Facebook Web Rangers SA

On September 15, 2018, South Africa’s Deputy Minister for Communications Pinky Kekana, addressed the Web Rangers Award Ceremony and explained that increasing national digital literacy was a task that required collaboration between the private sector, civil society and the government. Web Rangers is a program that was launched in 2015 to promote safe internet behaviors and digital skills for youth through the creation of innovative advertising campaigns.

The initiative is organized by South Africa’s Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, the Film and Publications Board, Media Monitoring Africa, Google, Facebook, and MTN. While it is mainly based on South Africa, it has also extended beyond national borders and has benefited Kenyan citizens.

Explaining the campaign’s focus on secure online behaviors, Kekana expressed that ““Together these three distinct spheres of society have created digital citizens who know how to use the internet responsibly and encourage their peers to do the same. In essence, collectively we have a tool that can address the ills or dangers that come with the digital world.”

Source: Tech Financials and The South African