French government launched a set of initiatives to promote digital inclusion

Screenshot from the French Digital Inclusion Strategy

Screenshot from the French Digital Inclusion Strategy

On mid-September 2018, the French government launched its new digital inclusion strategy to improve access to digital skills and infrastructure for 6.7 million citizens that still do not use the internet. The plan is intended to support 1.5 million people each year, leveraging a budget that will reach up to 100 million euros. Additionally, the French authorities will invest 5 million euros over a period of 18 months to create a series of ICT training centers called “Hubs France connectée.”

The implementation of the new digital inclusion plan will also include some additional programs and features, such as the creation of a “Digital Pass” which will enable beneficiaries to participate in 5 to 10 workshops to learn different skills. Another example is the implementation of a national annual event called Numérique en commun[s], which will provide participants with a space to share ideas, make the process transparent, and provide accountability to the political process implied by the digital inclusion strategy.

More information available at the official site for digital inclusion in France.

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