Digital Springboard delivers digital skills to improve the lives and work opportunities of Australians

Picture from ProBono Australia. A participant of Digital Springboard.

Picture from ProBono Australia. A participant of Digital Springboard.

The Digital Springboard program is an initiative launched by Infoxchange and Google to teach Australians (especially Australian youth) digital skills for their jobs and everyday lives. It is mainly based on the recently disclosed results of the Australian Digital Inclusion Index (ADII), which identified which regions have lower levels of digital skills in the country.

In contrast to other programs, Digital Springboard seeks to help people that already have access to and know how to use technology, but do not yet know how to make the best of it. It is delivered through charities, community groups and local libraries, where beneficiaries can learn different skills such as building a resume, writing cover letters or programming. Some participants have said that they use what they learn from the program to help their relatives grow and benefit from ICTs.

According to Jess Perrin, Infoxchange social inclusion and digital innovation manager, “Lack of digital inclusion doesn’t just mean you don’t have a laptop or a smartphone, and what we’re really looking at is the economic, social and financial benefit of being digitally included, and the ability it gives you to be able to manage your life better.”

Source: Pro Bono Australia