School teacher launches crowdsourcing campaign in India to build digital classrooms

An article from Times of India shared the story of Prasenjit Sharma, a school teacher from lower Assam’s Barpeta district in India, who has led a crowdfunding campaign to build digital classrooms in five schools. The donation process, launched in mid-2018, was called “Helping Hand” and consisted of asking teachers, guardians, and residents to make contributions to support the education of children from the region.

The crowdsourcing campaign is a leading example of how individual efforts can support communities to grow and embrace digital literacy for improving the future of younger generations. Additionally, leveraging community collaboration to obtain the digital infrastructure for the classrooms has also promoted a positive attitude towards learning and improving productivity.

According to Prasenjit Sarma, “Opening digital classrooms, with funds from the public and donations from teachers, has ushered in a new ray of hope for Barpeta town. Many people, who would otherwise send their children to elite private institutions, may now choose these government schools.”

Source: Times of India