Toys that can help children develop digital skills from a young age

As digital literacy skills continue to grow in relevance as a requirement for youth to acquire jobs, multiple organizations have launched initiatives and created products to boost their skills from a young age. Some of the solutions include mandatory computing classes in schools, coding clubs, programming boot camps, and other activities.

An article released by Mashable in early October 2018 explored one of these avenues by presenting four popular toys to introduce kids to STEM fields without using screens:

  1. Basic building blocks and bricks are suggested as one of the best ways for children to practice math and coding skills. As explained in the article, they offer children a way to develop and work on tangible computing methods and patterns.
  2. ‘Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar’ is a product released by Fisher Price encouraging children to arrange segments of colorful lights in their own unique patterns. According to the article, it helps children develop visual and multidimensional thinking.
  3. ‘Robot Turtles’ is a board game that helps teach basic coding concepts and critical thinking skills in young children. It requires children to reprogram the movements of the turtle to move on the board.
  4. ‘Lego Boost Creative Toolbox’ is allows children to build different kinds of robots and then program them to perform different actions. In fact, multiple schools and organizations are currently using these types of tools to challenge children to be innovative and learn foundational STEM skills.

Source: Mashable