Kasuna State Government and IBM launch digital skills training for one million Nigerian citizens

Picture from Concise News. Computer sytems in the netwok hub.

Picture from Concise News. Computer sytems in the netwok hub.

Kaduna State Government in Nigeria and IBM signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to train one million citizens in digital skills from 2018 to 2022. The training will focus on boosting digital and entrepreneurship skills to provide youth with better employment opportunities and boost the local economy.

The training, which will be available to anyone at no cost, will be conducted under IBM’s Digital Nation Africa initiative. The multinational program is expected to provide training opportunities to close to 25 million Africans during the next few years.

According to Omotayo Idowu, IBM’s Technical Leader in Nigeria, “We are partnering with state governments, private organizations and educational institutions to deliver digital literacy skills to 60 per cent of the Nigerian population. Our goal is to use our platform to ensure that people get the right capacity building and digital skills needed to tap from the booming global digital economy.”

Find more information about the training at kdgsdigitalskills.com

Source: Concise News