Digital Transformation Van to provide ICT training in rural India

Indus Towers and the NIIT Foundation launched a digital literacy programme called the Digital Transformation Van (DTV) to provide the population from rural Vadodara, India with access to technology skills. The programme is expected to impact 48,000 people across 12 different villages, including both children and adults.

The Digital Transformation Van consists of a 20-seater solar-powered bus that is equipped with the infrastructure necessary to serve as a digital classroom. The equipment in the bus includes computers, printers, various software and e-learning tools. It will be used to support five components: digital literacy, IT education, entrepreneurship development, access to public online services, and video conferencing consultations. Beneficiaries who complete all the courses will be eligible to receive certificates for higher-level courses.

According to Dr. Jibeeshaben Jatinbhai Sheth from Vadodara Municipal Corporation, “We strongly believe that knowledge is the key to transformation, and it is indeed a moment of pride that we have been able to successfully launch the Digital Transformation Van to promote quality digital education in the state.”

Source: PR Newswire