European Commission launches initiatives to improve digital skills training and learning

The European Commission launched an initiative proposing new education tools to support digital technologies teaching and learning in the region. The initiative is part of the Digital Education Action Plan, which is intended to help EU member states reap the benefits of digital technologies in education. The plan has three main priorities:

  • Making better use of digital technology for teaching and learning
  • Developing digital competencies and skills
  • Improving education through better data analysis and foresight

One of the main tools suggested by this initiative is SELFIE, which aims to support schools to self-reflect on their preparedness at different stages of technology integration. The tool consists of a questionnaire that helps members from the school community to understand where they stand in terms of digital skills training and learning. The SELFIE Framework for Digitally Competent Educational Organizations will be extended to all countries in the EU and Western Balkans.

Source: Baltic-Course