Out of the Maze report exposes perspectives from New Zealanders calling for digital inclusion

Out of the Maze report cover

Out of the Maze report cover

The Vodafone New Zealand Foundation and InternetNZ released a report titled “Out of the Maze” to provide some insights into the experience of New Zealanders without access to digital technologies. The report is intended to expose the relevance of communicating with communities who are affected by digital exclusion in order to better understand their needs and build capabilities to provide them with knowledge that is useful for their daily lives.

The main lesson from the report indicates that “Having access to affordable and accessible digital devices and services at a convenient time and place, as well as the motivation, skills, and trust to use the Internet to pursue and realize meaningful social and economic outcomes, is essential to social inclusion.” Another relevant conclusion was that some of the most common barriers to digital inclusion were physical access, low motivation, resilience to setbacks, mixed levels of skills, lack of trust for online safety, and insufficient capacity.

In the end, the report outlined suggestions on how to improve digital inclusion for different stakeholders, including national and local government, Internet service providers, and tech companies.

Source: Scoop