Africa Code Week provides training for youth with hearing disabilities in Mozambique

An article released by provided insights into a series of Africa Code Week’s coding workshops dedicated specifically to providing hearing-impaired children in Mozambique with digital skills training. The main objective of these workshops was to offer training opportunities for persons with disabilities as a way to address United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4, which aims to ensure quality and inclusive education for all.

The training was very relevant to Mozambique, considering that there are 305,000 persons with hearing disabilities in the country, but there are only three schools dedicated to providing them with access to educational resources. The organizers of the training collaborated with the private sector to also train teachers in order to better support these students throughout the learning process.

According to Sonia Santos, local coordinator for Africa Code Week, “Coding is a language that everyone can – and should – speak in order to be active participants in the global digital economy.”