Introducing UK children to the Internet through gamification

Screenshot from JointhePod.

Screenshot from JointhePod.

Bright Little Labs and EDF Energy released free materials to teach kids in the UK how the internet works and how to remain safe online. In order to do this, the organizations developed a gamification methodology, that consists of engaging children through an entertaining case study. The materials introduce children to a fictitious top-secret organization, where they will work to understand how devices are interconnected.

The creation of this type of project by new small and medium organizations is partly possible because of the UK’s decision in 2014 to make coding compulsory for children who are 5 years old and over. What’s new about this project is that it adopts a narrative to attract children’s attention and help them to understand digital technologies from scratch.

According to Sophie Deen, founder of Bright Little Labs, “In a world of post-truth, job-automation and internet-enabled teddy bears that could be snooping on you, digital literacy and critical thinking are key. It’s imperative that all children, regardless of their background, have access to these 21st century skills and we’ve seen first-hand that a hi-tech spy agency with empowering role models like Detective Dot is a great way to achieve this.”

Source: ResponseSource