Civic Tech Experience to boost digital inclusion and civic engagement in North Carolina, USA

Sceenshot from EdScoop.

Sceenshot from EdScoop.

Project Leadership & Investment for Transformation (LIFT) is an initiative organized by public and private organizations from North Carolina, USA to improve education and the quality of living of people from the area. In November 2018, the project received financial support from the Knight Foundation to expand the project through the “Civic Tech Experience”. This new advancement will include different initiatives to provide students and their families with access to ICT infrastructure, financial planning and community resources to improve their economic opportunities.

The Civic Tech Experience consists of three components:

  • Pop-up villages, which consist of a mobile experience focused on building the resilience of communities. The pop-up villages will provide civic resources for underserved community members in order to support students and their families in embracing education, digital literacy, and civic engagement.
  • Charlotte Trajectory will be a one-stop shop providing coordinated access to a digital safety net and connecting people to the resources they need to secure education, housing, employment, and financial self-sufficiency.
  • The Digital Inclusion Institute will support adults to acquire technology skills and provide families with digital inclusion coursework, internet connectivity, and ongoing technology support.

Source: EdScoop