The government of Portugal launched an initiative to increase digital literacy skills nationwide

INCoDE 2030 screenshot.

INCoDE 2030 screenshot.

The government of Portugal announced the investment of EUR 23 million to support “INCoDE.2030,” a new programme to improve the digital literacy and skills of the population. The initiative is divided into five areas, which include: inclusion, education, qualifications, specializations, and research. It is focused on providing different groups of the population with access to technology infrastructure and knowledge that are vital for their personal growth and work opportunities.

As part of INCoDE.2030, the government will allocate EUR 8 million to three initiatives: Creative Communities for Digital Inclusion, Girls and Women in IT, and providing general access to online public services. An additional EUR 6 million will be allocated to increasing access to digital skills infrastructure and training in schools.

The initiative corresponds with a growing effort by governments worldwide to increase digital literacy among their respective populations.

Source: Expresso