Good Things Foundation calls for 100% digital inclusion in the UK by 2028

A Blueprint for a 100 Digitally Included Nation.

A Blueprint for a 100 Digitally Included Nation.

The Good Things Foundation released a report called “A Blueprint for a 100% Digitally Included Nation” claiming that by 2028 there would still be 6.9 million people in the UK without basic digital skills at the current rate of progress. Following this premise, the report presents six objectives that are critical to achieving the goal of making a 100% digitally included nation by 2028:

  1. Setting the common goal of a 100% digitally included nation by 2028
  2. Driving motivation by promoting the benefits of the Internet
  3. Providing digital skills training to everyone that needs it
  4. Letting employers set the example by ensuring 100% of their employees have basic digital skills
  5. Making internet access affordable
  6. Making digital inclusion a social priority

Additionally, the Good Things Foundation launched the #BridgingtheDigitalDivide campaign to call on the government and companies to commit to the goal of a 100% digitally included nation. Some organizations that have already made a pledge are Lloyds Banking Group, Google, Capita, Leeds City Council, and Nesta.

According to Helen Milner OBE, CEO of the Good Things Foundation stated that, “Everyone in the UK should have the confidence, skills, support and access to use digital technology to participate in society and benefit from the digital world. And we want to move faster towards realizing this aim.”

Source: Third Sector