Public-private digital literacy programmes to upskill citizens in Pakistan

An article from The News Pakistan summarized a set of initiatives that have been launched by Facebook to increase digital literacy in the country. It provides yet another example of how organizations from the private sector are implementing programmes to upskill the population across the globe.

The first programme mentioned in the article is “SheMeansBusiness,” which consists of a partnership with the Universal Service Fund of the Ministry of Information and Technology and Punjab Information Technology board to support women starting businesses from home. This programme intends to support 20,000 women entrepreneurs across 150 empowerment centers throughout the country.

Some other examples include a partnership with Telenor Pakistan created in early 2017 to train students and schools in digital literacy and online safety, and the establishment of “developer circles” to create communities of 7,800 developers who discuss tech innovation and business alternatives.

Source: The News Pakistan