The government of the Netherlands releases new plans for digital inclusion

The government of Netherlands released two plans to promote digital accessibility: the “Dutch Digitization Strategy” and the “Digital Government Agenda: NL DIGIbetter.” The plans pursue four main objectives: making digital services easier for everyone, helping people deal with digitization, explaining the consequences of digitization, and working with companies or other organizations.

The programmes will engage members from different ministries, municipalities, and provinces. It will entail activities from different stakeholders, including government actions to promote digital services and inclusion across sectors such as healthcare and education. Additionally, it will promote the adoption of legislation to make websites and applications more accessible. The costs for the programmes are estimated to reach EUR 5.6 million for 2019, EUR 5.8 million for 2020, and EUR 5.7 million for 2021.

According to the Dutch Secretary of State, Raymond Knops, “We are communicating more and more digitally in the Netherlands. That is having a big influence on everyone’s life. Technology can prepare our country for the future. It offers opportunities. But for many people, developments are going very fast. We have to take this into consideration. We want to ensure that everyone can participate in the digital society. Also the people who need extra help.”

Source: Telecompaper