ICT professionals volunteer to inspire children in schools in Bangalore, India

Picture by Bangalore Mirror.

Picture by Bangalore Mirror.

In December 2018, 250 techies from Bangalore, India returned to school as part of the celebration of the Skill Build Community Day in Government Higher Primary School at Nagawara. Around 450 students and teachers benefitted from this initiative and learned basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).

The celebration was possible through the collaboration of IBM employees who volunteer to teach STEM skills to students from public schools. The volunteers sit down with the kids, play games, and talk with them to increase their interest in technology fields. For example, a spokesperson from IBM shared a story of a visit to a school where there was computing equipment but teachers were not prepared to use it. The volunteers attended, taught the students how to use the equipment, and provided career counseling sessions.

The benefits of this initiative include not only sharing ICT knowledge, but also providing the students with role models to encourage their future participation in the field.

Source: Bangalore Mirror