Public and private organizations from South Africa collaborate to teach kids how to code

Image from IT News Africa.

Image from IT News Africa.

The Tshimologong Digital Innovation Precinct and the Joburg Center for Software Engineering (JCSE) partnered with Accenture to provide an hour-long coding workshop for 65 youth from Johannesburg. During the event, the organizations also announced a partnership going forward to launch the Coder Dojo programme 2019, which will provide biweekly coding training for youth aged 6-18.

The Hour of Code activities were held at Wits University’s Digital Innovation Hub, using a language called Scratch that was created by the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT). This coding language makes coding an accessible skill for preschool kids.

According to Professor Barry Dwolatzky from JCSE, “Innovation is about solving real problems. If we can leverage digital to solve some of Africa’s problems in an innovative way, the sky is the limit. We should be leaders in applying digital technology to solve real issues. We recently had a young man come up with an innovative way to dispense chronic medication. While that may not be interesting in Silicon Valley or Europe, it’s very relevant in a developing country. If we can find opportunities and ecosystems to support young people to help them to solve real problems, we can see a revolution in the use of technology in Africa. But it’s not a given. We have to grow the base of skills.”

Source: IT News Africa