Digital literacy is one of the top skills required by Canadian employers

NowHiring SkillsConnect 2018 Skills Infographic

NowHiring SkillsConnect 2018 Skills Infographic

CivicAction, LinkedIn Canada and Knockri released a report called “Now Hiring: The Skills Companies Want that Young Canadians Need,” which identifies six foundational skills widely required for new employees: communication, growth mindset, collaboration, empathy, creativity, and digital literacy. The report is based on an analysis of job descriptions in Ontario posted between 2014 and 2017.

In the case of digital skills, most job descriptions required knowledge of MS Office suite, typing proficiency and computer literacy. This was also reflected in the requirement to be able to communicate well using different IT resources. Additionally, one of the key insights from the report indicated that by 2019, 182,000 ICT job vacancies would exist in Canada and attracting start-ups to metropolitan areas of Ontario could add nearly 170,000 new jobs by 2027.

More information available from CivicAction.

Source: Benzinga