Smart Cities for All initiative launches playbook for accessibility

Smart Cities for All, a global initiative of G3ict and World Enabled, has launched the Inclusive Innovation Playbook to help cities mainstream accessibility and inclusion in urban innovation ecosystems and thereby make sure that smart city solutions work for everyone.

More than 175 entrepreneurs in technology incubators worldwide were surveyed for the development of the Playbook, with less than half reporting a strong understanding of accessibility and inclusion in product development and user experience (UX) design processes. A third said they were not sure if persons with disabilities could use the products and solutions they were developing.

The Inclusive Innovation Playbook, developed with support from AT&T, proposes specific steps that cities can take to infuse incubators, accelerators, and the innovation process with a commitment to inclusion and accessibility, focusing on a city’s people, economic assets, infrastructure, networking, and enabling public policies.

“Closing the digital divide for the disability and aging communities in Smart Cities will require infusing inclusion, accessibility, and universal design into the innovation of new technology solutions at a scale much greater than is happening today. We think this new Playbook will help cities and their partners do exactly that,” said James Thurston, VP, G3ict, and Managing Director, Smart Cities for All.

Source: IOT Evolution