IDB Lab announces winners of its “Bootcamps for Tech Fans” challenge

IDB Lab, the Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) innovation laboratory, has announced the two winners of its “Bootcamps for Tech Fans” challenge. The open call for proposals was launched in January 2019 to identify the most innovative Ready-to-Work Bootcamp models for vulnerable or hard to reach people in Latin America and the Caribbean, aimed at closing the skills gap of the region’s future workforce. 

A total of 57 proposals were received, which were evaluated by experts from IDB, Accenture and the ITU.

The winner of the mature bootcamp model category (2+ years of operation with scalability potential) is Dev.f, a bootcamp which was started in Mexico in 2014 and uses an innovative campus model to reach learners in Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, and Panama. 80% of the programme’s 2,000 graduates have found work upon completion and 10% create their own business. They plan to scale up to reach 17,000 students in the next three years.

The winner of the incipient bootcamp model category (1+ years of operation and targeting vulnerable or hard to reach populations) is HolaCode, established in 2017 for forced migrants, deportees, returnees and refugees from Central America and Venezuela. It is an intensive, on-site model, which teaches soft skills in addition to programming skills to boost participants’ resilience and independence. 90% of graduates found a job upon completion of the programme.

Source: IDB