BT and Google team up to offer free digital skills training to SMEs in the UK

Image from BT Newsroom

SMEs are being offered the opportunity to acquire digital skills for free through a partnership between BT and the Google Digital Garage. At the training events, businesses receive advice on how to build a digital marketing plan; grow a business internationally; use data analytics for business insights; and how to improve visibility online and use social media to reach new customers.

The training sessions are part of BT’s Skills for Tomorrow initiative, through which the company aims to provide10 million people across the UK with digital skills training by 2025, whatever their age and starting point. 

At the first such training event in Scotland, held at the Glasgow Science Centre in December 2019, Chris Sims, Managing Director, SME, BT, said: “In this digital era, the fact is, every SME needs to be a technology business to succeed. But, as our research indicates, many SMEs struggle to keep up with the pace of technology. We believe that the key to closing the digital divide is in empowering SMEs with the right tools to radically improve operations and cement business success.”

Besides Google Digital Garage, BT has partnered with other digital skills experts and training providers, like the Good Things Foundation, Internet Matters, and LinkedIn Learning, to reach other beneficiaries including teachers, working parents, young people seeking employment, and older people.

Sources: BT NewsroomDailyBusiness